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26 June 2010

When the speed limit of life changes...

Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future 

I spent all of today at my local Boy Scout Camp (Pipsico Scout Reservation) Helping re-shingle a roof on our trading post.  It was HOT today for sure.  Once I left toward the end of the day I started my 1 and 1/2 hour drive back toward Virginia Beach.  About halfway home I was driving and was startled by a car that came flying past me.  I was confused at first, because I usually follow the speed limit +5 mph, but apparently I missed the speed limit sign that allowed me to accelerate to 55, so I was still going 50.

It got me to thinking about how life can be sometimes....

When we go about our day to day life, we are constantly in a rush.  I can be the first to attest to that fact being in the Military.  We are subconsciously programmed due to years of pressure from society to get everything done as quickly as possible.  We live in an era where technology is paramount, and basically, if you don't have a Facebook, Twitter, or other social networking utility, you're pretty much left in the dark.  But does it have to be like that?  I sometimes wonder to myself, "If God had a Facebook/Twitter, what would he post?" or "I wish I could text message God."  (Reminds me of the scene in the movie "Bruce Almighty, when Jim Carey decides to facilitate Prayer requests by email haha)

It is interesting to think about these things, but I had to smack myself out of that trance and realize that God loves it the most when we slow down and talk to Him, when we are praying and lifting up our concerns, when we put HIM first and don't lean on technological things like a crutch.....

I found out this week that it is really possible, last Sunday, my Sunday School class agreed to "Give up Facebook" for a week, just to re-enforce the fact that we can ALWAYS use more "God Time" and things like that will most times get in our way.  It has worked well for me, It gave me motivation to focus more on the Bible and Praying, and also to start this blog, which I believe is a way God can use me to Proclaim His Word.

Another way to visualize this topic is to think about driving.  How many times have we been driving and been distracted by something?  How many times have we blown through a yellow or red light in order to try and get somewhere that much faster(only to get caught by the next one 500 ft down the road).  How many times have we sped around that driver we thought was going too slow?  These are all things I see daily, or have seen in my time driving, and the list is a mile long.  It amazes me sometimes when we have "get-there-itis" and don't slow down to realize that we just missed our turn or exit.

You can tie that into your Faith Walk.  If you can imagine your walk with God as the road, your life as you choose to make it/driving habits as the car, God's word and "nudges" as any road signs you might pass, and sins and other bad decisions as texting while driving....  

Next time you're driving on a long country road or interstate, try and focus more on the road, so that you don't miss your exit (not saying we should get off our Walk with God, just using as an example)....don't miss that speed limit change and risk getting pulled over! and most importantly, don't risk straying off the path instantly by texting while driving!

Next time we're in a rush to see what God's plan is, don't worry...He'll show us in HIS time!

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